Why You Need “Triple-Decker” Communication

What exactly is “Triple-Decker” Communication??

It’s the strategy you need if you communicate in… ANY language.



I have vivid childhood memories of the iconic red buses in the UK.

Images of my sister and I racing up the narrow, winding staircase

in the hope of grabbing the upper front seats.


Because we had such a clear, panoramic view of… well, just about everything.


That’s what Triple-Decker communication gives your listeners.

A panoramic view.

Its 3 levels are essential when presenting a block of information,

like explanations, evidence or examples.


The problem is that many Communicators don’t know about this bus.

So they hitchhike. With a backpack of details. Into a wilderness of words.

Pointing vaguely in a lot of different directions.

And assuming we’ll be able to find our way home.


Let’s be honest, we’ve all been that Communicator at some point.


And that’s the sign that we need to board the Triple-Decker bus,

use the 3 levels to their full potential

and drive our listeners comfortably to a clear destination.


Here’s a quick glimpse of how you hop on board:


🔸 Level 1: FRAME your communication.

Without a frame, you systematically cut the head off your message.

Words come out like half-selfies and meaning gets blurred.

Be like the TV presenter on your favourite talk show who ANNOUNCES the evening ahead in a way that makes you sit up and listen.



Put your information in the limelight using numbers or communicational structures.

It’s like rolling out a red carpet for your words,

and autographing the details on your audience’s brain with a Sharpie pen.


🔸 Level 3: SLAM the door.

So many speakers forget this.

They don’t CLOSE the door. They don’t SLAM it shut.

Not the door of their meeting room. Or office.

The door on their point.

When you forget to summarize what you’ve said before moving on,

it’s like leaving your front door wide open on a cold day,

letting a breeze of disconnection blow in between you and your listener.



That’s Triple-decker communication:

3 levels of clarity for a scenic road trip through your point.


PS: there’s something else you need to know:

Two of the Triple Deckers in the image below are fake.

The only real one is… the Harry Potter “Knight Bus”!

The bad news is (spoiler alert) that it doesn’t actually have magical powers… 😲

… but Triple-Decker communication does! 😉



What do you think of T-D Communication?

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