What’s Your Love Story With English?

You don’t have to know how a story ends in order to begin it.

That’s the beauty of speaking a foreign language. It’s a never-ending story:


I was at the end of my 3rd year of University.

With another year to go.

When opportunity decided to knock.


A Summer job in a French tourist office.

In a quaint Provençal village with picture-postcard views,

surrounded by the luxuriant pastures and turquoise lakes of the Verdon National Park. 🍃


I jumped at the chance.

I could practice my French. Meet new people. Explore the area.


The job was fun. Dynamic. And so were the people I met.

There was a real team spirit between all the Summer staff in the village.

As well as an endless list of possible activities and entertainment.

Not to mention the lively outdoor street parties organised by the regional
villages each weekend.


And there was something else.


I met someone.


He was there by chance too. Just for the Summer.

Crazy coincidence. Serendipity. Fate.

Call it what you like.


What happened at the end of the Summer?

We stayed in touch whilst I finished my studies.

Meeting when we could.

A few days. A week. Sometimes more.

We made it work.

And then?


4 years later, we exchanged rings and vows on a scorching Saturday in Nice.

The sun was clearly on our side.

It was an unforgettable whirlwind of a few days,

celebrated in memorable style with a mix of “Brits” and “Français”.


Why am I sharing this with you?


Because I’ve always loved languages.

I think I sensed, from an early age, that they were my key to adventure.

Opportunity. Love.


They’ve gifted me with so much:

A life partner. A beautiful daughter.

A fulfilling career and business.

Greater confidence, courage and self-awareness.

And more friends, fun and fabulous adventures than I can count.


So I’m here to tell you this: don’t hesitate.

Take every opportunity to immerse yourself in a foreign language.

To create a special relationship with it.

To love it. Deeply. With intention, passion and purpose.


And believe me, it will reward you a thousand times over. ❤️


What’s your experience with a foreign language?

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