What perfume do you wear when you communicate in English?

I’m not talking about Chanel, Armani or Dior. This is the one you need.


We all have a type of perfume we emit.

Call it what you will: Vibe. Energy. Vibration.

It’s what attracts people effortlessly towards us or unconsciously repels them.

It’s the secret sauce behind charisma, presence and that elusive je ne sais quoi.

It’s a silent scent but it speaks volumes.


So how do we create this perfume?

It’s a delicate mix of the following ingredients: thoughts + beliefs + feelings.


As Quantum Science has shown us, we live in a Universe where everything is vibrating energy.

You, me, the chair you’re sitting on, even our thoughts and feelings!

We’re all just “vibrating” at different frequencies.

We’re like broadcasting stations, the energy we send out, we get back.


So, the question we most need to think about when communicating is:

what type of energy or “signature scent” am I giving out and attracting back in English?


Because the ONE thing that an audience always remembers is: how the speaker made them feel.

We might try to look confident and certain, but our “inner” perfume never lies. (Remember those mirror neurons?)

So the objective is to make sure that this perfume leaves our listeners wanting to hear more rather than rushing for the door.


How do we do that?

It’s a simple formula but with sustainable effects. We need to:

  • GET CLARITY on our brain & our emotions (why we do what we do)
  • DECLUTTER tired old stories, patterns and rules. About scarcity, judgement and failure.
  • CULTIVATE new thoughts & beliefs. About confidence, sufficiency and possibility.
  • KNOW HOW TO STAY ALIGNED with the energy that serves us best.


Want to create a new signature scent with the essence of the leader that is YOU?


Photo courtesy of Emily Wang, Unsplash

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