What kind of buzz are you creating within your global teams or clients?

When I opened the door to my office this morning,
a fly kindly chose to follow me in.

After a moment of relentless and annoying buzzing,
I eventually opened one side of the window to help it to fly out.

But it didn’t.
Instead, it flew towards the closed side of the window and bumped against the glass. 🙄

Back and forth it went, continually bumping against the same pane, never realizing that:

🔸 doing the same thing over and over again, gets the same results;
🔸 the solution was SO close by, all it had to do was try something different.

Fortunately, I managed to guide it into a container and show it freedom in the fresh air outside.

I’ll be honest, I’m not always as patient.
But today, that fly lived to see another day.


The fly incident reminded me of 3 things:

1/ The human brain can be a bit like a fly at times.

It will keep doing the same familiar things whilst still expecting “new”.

Or continue to bump against the same old mental “pains”.

Or get lost in frenetic busyness due to blind spots.

That’s why it often needs a helping hand to motivate and inspire it to do different.


2/ International companies are like special containers.

Some close you in, stunting your growth.

Others create environments that are helping hands, encouraging you to make your sound and spread the wings of your potential.

The difference between these two types of companies comes down to the quality of their leadership.


3/ Communication plays a huge role in building confident and compelling international leadership.

The kind whose powerful presence creates the right type of buzz.

(Not the kind that sends you to sleep or makes you want to pull your hair out).

The kind that opens windows to new perspectives, actions and results.

The kind that is able to corral and connect international teams and clients.

To create impact that flies far beyond their Company’s frontiers.


In short:
Powerful communication is the language of leadership effectiveness.
And our human brains need to hear a MINDFUL and MEANINGFUL buzz,
to MOVE us to do different, inside and out.


So the big question is: does your buzz have the 3 M’s? Or is your audience reaching for the flyswatter?

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