What Are The Perfectionist Obstacles In Your Language Learning & Life?

Do you feel like your language learning (& life) is full of obstacles?

As perfectionists, we tend to face 3 main obstacles:

1) Overwhelm – too many choices and the fear of making the wrong decision or not knowing “how” means that we procrastinate and stay stuck;
2) Lack of belief – in ourselves and what we’re capable of, so we hesitate, hide. We don’t show up and speak up and build belief;
3) All-or-nothing mentality – if we don’t feel we can achieve success quickly, if something feels like too much effort, we quit and move on to the next shiny project. So we don’t follow through (and build belief).

Sound familiar?

But the great news is that these 3 obstacles come from ONE thing: our thinking.

This means that we are in control!

Even though it might not feel that way at times. (I know that at times you feel anxious, frustrated, powerless).

Ready to train your brain on purpose to hurdle over your obstacles? Take back your power?

Contact me.


Photo courtesy of Unsplash: Michael Rosner Hyman

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