Want more “sparkle” and clarity in your international communication?

Many years ago, I attended a type of meditation workshop.

The rules were simple: we had to stay silent.

With one exception: the only time we could speak was at specific hours of the day, to another participant sat in front of us.

But it wasn’t a conversation, it was a monologue, always in response to one question: “Who am I?”


If felt really strange at first not being able to talk.

Then having to dig deep to find my answers AND present them to someone I didn’t know.

But it’s surprising how quickly we adapt when we have no choice!


After a few days, my mind felt like a freshly-cleaned minimalist show house.

Everything seemed simpler, with more sparkle and less stuff.

The workshop had helped me to temporarily strip away layers of thought.

To reconnect to the diamond 💎 we all have inside.

And it gave me a first glimpse of what is possible when we manage our mind.


Because the thing is this: when we communicate in a language that is not our own, it creates uncertainty.

So our brain 🧠 rushes to see what it can DO to take back control.

Even if that DOing is just worrying or procrastinating.

But when we communicate from this impatient, anxious or frantic place,

it leads to results that are just as unclear and erratic.


Whereas, when we’ve laid clear foundations FIRST by:

– changing our mind about rejection, judgement and perfection

– increasing self-belief and trust

– understanding how to handle discomfort

– building up confident communication strategies

AND we speak from that place, our communication or action can reach a “diamond” quality.


With a calm and confident mind, we’re able to:

🔸 clearly focus on our message, stay concise and on track

🔸 listen mindfully and speak with greater poise, impact & authenticity


Because WHO we’re being when we’re communicating counts.


So, here are 3 questions to ask yourself for your own little meditation workshop:

1. When I’m communicating in English, who am I?

2. Do I see myself as a leader to whom people want to listen? If not, why not?

3. How could adjusting my mindset & my communication strategies change the quality of my results?


We often postpone our moment to shine like the diamonds 💎 we truly are.

But it can be at any time. Tomorrow. This evening. In 5 minutes.

Don’t wait any longer.

Spread your sparkle. Throw some glitter.


PS: I have a program that helps you to do just that.

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