Walk & Talk English Coaching Sessions

Would you like to improve your English conversation skills AND get some exercise/keep fit at the same time?

Would you like to take a break from the office and clear your head?

Would you like to be outdoors in the fresh air?

Would you like to feel more at ease and confident?


How Does It Work?

60-minute walks in Foix or Benac (Vallée de la Barguillère, 10 minutes from Foix). Half-day walks are also available upon request.

Private coaching. Just you, me and nature.

I give you corrections as we walk and the last 10 minutes are spent discussing mistakes and answering questions.

No homework. No stress. No pressure.

When and what level?

In the morning before work, on your lunch break or for an evening walk. Weather permitting.

You should be at least intermediate level (B1-B2).

Take a short test here (no sign-up required) or take this test which also contains listening to get a general idea of your level.


What to do now

  1. You sign up for the session via the sign-up button below (you send me your name, email address and name of the session you wish to register on);
  2. I will contact you by email to fix a date and time for the session.
  3. Payment in cash or by cheque before the "Walk & Talk" session.