To Be Or Not To Be…. A Perfectionist?

Do you feel like you should be somewhere else by now in your language learning?
You feel like you’ve done everything possible but you’re still feeling stuck?
What if your perfectionist tendencies were holding you back?

Because many perfectionists don’t even realize that they are one.

I used to think I was just detail-oriented or meticulous, someone who loved planning and organizing. And yes, I am all of those things.

But if I looked more closely at the energy behind why I was being meticulous for example, there was a perfectionist energy behind it. A fear of some sort.

It was only when I started researching perfectionism and understanding the various signs and behaviours linked to being a perfectionist that I realized how many of them were turning me into my very own obstacle.

So the good news is that you’re not missing a special language gene! It’s just that you’re following a learning approach that is for non-perfectionists.

All you need is some tools to manage your perfectionist mind.

The first step is to find out if you recognise yourself in any of the typical perfectionist behavours here.


Photo courtesy of Unsplash: Maria Victoria Heredia Reyes

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