The Thing That’s Stopping You From Enjoying Your Journey In English

Want to know what true leaders do when communicating in a foreign language in their international business?


They stay in their lane.
They follow a Code.


My daughter is thinking about passing her theory test for her future driving licence. 🚗

She’ll be learning about the rules, regulations & relevant guidelines of the Highway Code.

About the different signs, signals & stopping distances.

About limits, lines & lane markings.


Anyone having passed their driving test can relate to the value of knowing the Highway Code.

But what if there was a “Highway Code” for your brain that you were unaware of? 🧠

A Code that could help you with your business communication.


Imagine having a helpful Code like that to:

– navigate the neural pathways of our mind
– ensure we keep moving forward rather than start reversing
– not allow nerves to overtake our drive and keep us stuck
– deal with mental obstructions & adverse weather conditions
– have tools & “tow-trucks” to prevent communication breakdown
– give clear directions towards effective & impactful public-speaking routes

It would be so useful, wouldn’t it?


Because when we have a Code to follow, we can create daily habits like “lane discipline”.

In other words, how to stop thinking “I’m behind” or “I’m not as good as….”.

To stop comparing our journey with others.


When we compare, it’s the equivalent of constantly turning around

and looking at what everyone else is doing in their lanes,

which, in essence, constitutes risky driving.

Because we lose focus on the road ahead and end up swerving or having to hit the brakes.

We burn up motivation, time and inner fuel. ⛽


Whereas, when we learn “lane discipline”, we understand that we all have our own lane.

Our own individual route to follow.

And it’s overflowing with possibilities and perspectives,

which only become accessible to us when we decide to accept it.

When we decide that it’s a great lane to be in. 🛣

Simply BECAUSE it’s ours.


When we label our lane in this way.

Keep our eyes focused on the road ahead,

There’s no traffic. No honking of car horns. No road rage.

We can drive at our own rhythm. Truly savour the scenery.

And before we know it, we’ll have arrived.


PS: that helpful Code I mentioned, it’s my personalized 4-session Mindset Foundations Program.

It could be the key to take you in the direction of a desired destination in your international business communication.

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