The ONE Thought That Is Holding You Back In Your Business English

As an international leader communicating in your business this summer, there is 1 thought you need to have “surgically” removed from your brain:



The only problem is that we aren’t always aware of those 4 words broadcasting through our mind.

Because perfectionism is an invisible habit with silent thoughts.

Its whispers are hidden behind the daily wind of words that blow through our head.

Leaving only tumbleweeds of anxiety, inadequacy and doubt behind.


I know. I heard the distant echo of those 4 words too.

When I first started my own business.

My mind didn’t take into account certificates or achievements,

but chose to place its focus on the possibility of “not knowing enough”.

And those words initially kept me hidden from view.

Until time, training and experience taught me differently.


I learned how to question thoughts like that.

Pull them apart. Shine a light inside their hollow depths. 🔦

And watch them slowly disintegrate.


Many of my clients now come to me with a similar thought.

The thought that lies at the bottom of the iceberg of their actions.

So I help them to do the same thing.


Together, we:

🔸 kick “MUST” to the curb and choose to change the rules that they supposedly couldn’t break.

🔸 remove the idea of having to “PERFORM” in some way, turning off the spotlight of judgement that they are unconsciously directing on themselves.

🔸 dissect “PERFECTLY”, noticing with humour its foggy instructions and illogical standards.

Allowing for normal steps rather than superhuman leaps.


In the end, all that is left from that initial 4-word thought is “I’.

Which is always the best news ever.

Because we can play around with “I”.

See all the potential and possibilities behind it.

And instead of having to give Olympic performances,

we are finally free to give great ones.


When we change the words in our mind, we change the horizon of our future. 🌈

And as Peter Drucker said so well: the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Ready to start creating this summer on the beach of your mind?


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