The ONE Thing You Absolutely HAVE To Give Yourself As A Foreign Leader/Entrepreneur

There’s something we almost always forget to do when speaking in a foreign language.

It’s what I tell my clients AND myself and it’s something you can start now.


Progressing in communication skills, particularly in a foreign language, is all about permission.

Not your boss’s permission. Or your coach’s permission. Or your client’s permission.

Your own permission to yourself.

  • Permission to speak up and make mistakes.
  • Permission to decide that you’ll always support and encourage yourself.
  • Permission to practice the way you enjoy.
  • Permission to create your own rules, to find what works for you.
  • Permission to not be perfect, but to be beautiful (“be-you-to-the full”) in the language.
  • Permission to decide that you’re worthy. Whatever your level.
  • Permission to keep putting one step in front of the other. Day after day.

We often wait for permission from others.

Or validation or recognition that we can do this or that.

When we don’t feel like we’ve got it, we often lose heart.

At times, we give up.


Let’s STOP. Now.

The only permission we need is our own.

And this gives permission to others to do the same.


What have you given yourself permission to do lately?



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