The Mindset That Will Change How You Feel As a Non-Native Speaker

If you speak in a foreign language in your business, you need to read this.


“I don’t want people to know that I’m not a native speaker”.


As my client said the words,

she realized the absurdity of them.

And yet that thought, as illogical as it was, was creating a heavy weight in her body.

And a long queue of associated blurry thoughts:
– I have to speak fast.
– I mustn’t give them time to brush me off.
– I mustn’t make mistakes.
– …


So we analysed those thoughts.

Untied the knots.

And finally, a refreshing insight bubbled up: 💡

why would she want to hide the fact that she was a non-native speaker?


She can be proud of who she is.

She is someone who speaks at least two languages.

She is out there, on the “battlefield” of international business,

wielding her sword of foreign words, ⚔

turning her back on the comfort of “known” and “familiar”,

galloping towards challenges that many native speakers shy away from.


She is IN the arena. And that is enough.

It is a place where the inner critic has no place.

And where imposter syndrome dies a quick death.

Neither of them can stand up to the truth.


Because the truth is this: as an international speaker, you are a true gladiator.

Know that.

Feel it in your bones.


And while you’re doing that, remember this:

A language belongs to no one. AND it belongs to everyone.

So the language is YOUR playing field too.


And guess what?

You’ve got the ball.

Run with it.


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