The Alchemy of Powerful International Leadership

Want to know how to use alchemy to become a more powerful Leader in your international communication?



An intriguing word.

Images of people working diligently to transform metal into gold.

An ancient practice as well as a philosophy.


Mindset work is a type of alchemy.

It’s about practice, not theory.

About process, not placebo.

And it’s better to experience it than explain it.


But I’m giving it a go.

By taking you through the 7 stages of alchemy below.

To show you the “how” of changing your mind and transforming your presence.

To find the gold of who you are: a true leader in the language.


1/ Calcination – Fire

We bring up the raw thinking and start to “burn” our hidden, preconceived beliefs about who we are and what we can do in a foreign language.

Ever had a facial or body scrub? Well, this marks the start of our “brain” scrub.


2/ Dissolution – Water

This is when we add water to the ashes to see which new substance we can create.

A bit like making a delicious soup from the vegetables we have in our fridge.

It also involves dissolving any painful emotions from the past linked to speaking the foreign language and fear of judgement.


3/ Separation – Air

This is like a rest point on our journey. We look at what we’ve explored and uncovered in terms of our thought patterns and emotional triggers.

We separate who we thought we were from who we want to become as a leader in the language.


4/ Conjunction – Earth

We decide what is of value from the elements we’ve discovered and we look at how we can embody this more in our daily business scenarios.

Some of this can be seen as “upcycling”. We take parts of ourselves that we had previously rejected (such as our status as a non-native language speaker) and understand how we can use them to create something new and stronger.


5/ Fermentation

Here, we experiment with our new thinking. Anything that doesn’t create the results we want is allowed to fall away and what is left is given space to mature and deepen.


6/ Distillation

We refine further, removing anything that is still holding us back.


7/ Coagulation

The “gold” of our inner confidence cools and solidifies. What we’ve worked on becomes sustainable and can shine outwards into our communication.


You see?

To master a language, the key is to master ourselves first.


Real gold is not afraid of the melting pot. 🧈

Let’s find it together.


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