Tag Your English Potential, Not Yourself

We’ve all done this to ourselves. It’s how our brain works.
But as International Leaders, we can decide to do differently.


I bought a new top the other day.
The label was so big that you could see it through the fabric. So I cut it off.
Labels seem to be getting bigger don’t they?
And not just on clothes.


A new client recently said to me:
“I’m not someone who can express herself clearly in English”.
(As you can see, she was able to express that thought very well in English).

We often label ourselves like this.
Create our very own knitted straitjackets of knotty thinking.


One of my favourite labels in the past was: I’m not creative.
Because I didn’t paint or sculpt or make “art” in some way.

Until I realized that I was only focusing on one aspect of creativity.
And missing all the other ways I was being creative, such as in my business or as a parent.


It’s like allowing someone to slap a post-it note on our forehead with a definition.
And then accepting that it’s a permanent part of our face now.
A bit like the playground game – “Tag, you’re IT”.

I was hardly ever caught in that game. Hardly ever tagged.
I used to run so fast, no one could touch me.
And yet, I know I’ve tagged myself so many times since then.


So who is the “real” me?
The woman who told herself she wasn’t creative.
Because she didn’t make art.


The young girl running across the playground,
wind in her hair, whooping with laughter, free of labels.

I get to decide.


Because the thing is this:
We can’t stop the brain’s love for labels.
It’s how it makes sense of the world.

But we can be aware of them.
– And how they separate us from the moment.
– From the person in front of us.
– From what we can do.


So the next time the brain presents you with a label that doesn’t serve you,
don’t just automatically put it on.

Just like you wouldn’t put on a suit that is two sizes too small for you at work.


Do this instead:
– Pause.
– Remember that they are simply words on a post-it, which has lost its stickiness.
– Then start to run, across the playground of your mind, towards what you want.


Let’s tag our potential. Not ourselves.

What’s a label you’ve stopped wearing?

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