How To Take The Reins In Your English Communication

If you want to stop holding yourself back in your English communication,

start doing this and you’ll soon be running free like the horses below.


To start changing limiting beliefs, we need to first look at our belief about limits.


I’ve been thinking quite a lot about limits lately.

Since we moved to the heart of the countryside, we’ve had some rather unexpected guests:

  • 6 horses who decided to explore our land and drink from the pool (photo below!)
  • 2 cows who managed to scramble under a faulty electric wire to graze on our greener grass!
  • 1 midnight stag who devoured our carrots and baby pumpkins before digesting them sleepily on a bed of hay!


Of course, it wasn’t the fault of those animals. They were just doing what came naturally to them.

My husband and I were the ones to blame.

Because we hadn’t found the time to put up strong limits around our land.

It was like shouting to the neighbourhood animals: “welcome, open bar!”,

leaving them free to roam around and create a certain amount of chaos!


And it’s the same with our brain.

If we don’t set limits and take charge of it, it takes charge of us.

And that means automatically directing us to our most familiar thoughts and feelings,

which, due to our in-built negativity bias, are not always the ones that benefit us the most!


This leads to fearful decisions and reactive behaviours.


  • not speaking up in meetings because we think our English isn’t good enough.
  • not connecting in interviews because we’ve memorised our answers like a robot.
  • not taking part in presentations because there are too many “what ifs”.

Creating results we don’t want and keeping us firmly stuck where we are.


So how DO we set limits for our brain so that we progress rather than postpone?


  • Set the INTENTION of bringing your habitual thoughts and actions around English into your awareness daily.
  • Place your ATTENTION on these habits and choose to respond differently when they occur.


You can take the first step by answering these 4 questions:

  1. What do you THINK of your English communication?
  2. How do you FEEL before, during and after you communicate?
  3. What do you tend to DO or not do when you feel that way?
  4. What RESULTS does this create?


When you do this, you will:

– start to see patterns. Triggers and chain reactions.

– understand how your thoughts & feelings ultimately create your results.

– be able to consciously choose and implement new patterns of behaviour.

– finally be free to run with the words and skills you have now, like the beautiful horses on the photo.


Let’s STOP limiting our challenges and START challenging our limits.


Photo courtesy of Kelly

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