ÉCOLOGIQUE ET BIO : ayant créé des fondations solides et saines, vous reprenez le contrôle et progressez vers les résultats que vous désirez. Mes outils de coaching comprennent également une approche basée sur des connaissances en neurosciences (Neurolanguage Coaching®). Le contenu de nos cours est 100% personnalisé et enraciné dans qui vous êtes pour que votre anglais prenne vie.

ECOLOGICAL & ORGANIC: by learning how to manage your mind, you create strong, healthy foundations, which help you to take back control and move towards the results you desire. I also have a brain-friendly coaching process (Neurolanguage Coaching®) and communication strategies in my toolkit.

NATURAL & SIMPLE: with less on your mind, it’s easier for you to be you and to connect with others. Gaining confidence, you find your flow and are able to express yourself more clearly and sincerely.

EFFECTIVE & SUSTAINABLE: having become the boss of your brain, you are no longer an obstacle to your progress. Fully aware of your perfectionist patterns and with new “greener” thinking habits, you are free to communicate more effectively, creating long-lasting international relationships & success.

Powerful Public Speaking

We dive into YOU/YOUR business and cover all your English leadership communication needs (presentations, meetings, workshops, pitches, Linkedin, consultations etc.), giving you the tools to clearly and confidently connect in the most effective, efficient and natural way.

Memorable Interviews

Want to find a new job or get a promotion: let’s pinpoint what makes YOU unique and build up your confidence and communication skills so that you’re able to connect with your interviewer in a memorable and meaningful way and create the impact you desire.

Impactful Improvisation for Business Fluency

Want to have the resources to think on your feet and speak up with ease on any area of your business in English at any time? You’ll extend your vocabulary, become more clear and concise and know how to highlight your message powerfully.