Remember Who Is The Boss

If there was just ONE piece of advice that I could share with you about the brain, which would change your results, it would be this…

I hope you’re ready because here it is:


Stop believing all the crazy stuff your brain tells you.

Just because it’s coming from inside your head, doesn’t mean it’s true.


There, I said it. 😉


And I promise that if you follow that advice,

and question what your brain serves you in its daily thought buffet,

your results will change.


Take today for example.

Summer is beckoning to me through my window,

eager to write new stories.


– 35 degrees in the shade.

– Crickets chirping.

– The splish-splash of the water on the sides of the pool.


My daughter comes into my office to see if I want to join her outside.

What do you think my brain said to me?


– “You can’t go out and relax in the sun! It’s the afternoon, on a weekday. You work on weekdays.”

– “It’s not what “successful” entrepreneurs do.”

(My brain loves using air quotes and vague words like “success” and “failure”)

– “And you haven’t finished what you’re doing yet.”

– “And you’ve got another session later so…..”

(My brain also likes to leave sentences hanging in mid-air when it doesn’t have a specific argument…).


8 years ago when I started my own business,

I would have listened.

I would have stayed inside.

It would have been the perfect snapshot of the “good girl” believing all her perfectionist thoughts.

But not today. Now I know better.


Quality time for ourselves is something we deliberately create.

And we can choose to make space for it in our business.

Because it’s good for us. And it’s good for business.

And that’s perfection in itself.


So I shut my laptop, closed the door of my office,

and went to look for my sun cream.


Sometimes we have to shut and close our brain too.

Gently but firmly.

So that it remembers who is the boss.


Want some help with that?


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