No one NEEDS a Coach

Think about it.

When we say to ourselves: “I NEED a Coach”.

The words in our mind create a feeling.

We feel NEEDY. Perhaps even desperate.

It’s like we’re missing something that “other people” have.

Other people who don’t NEED Coaches.

And then we blame ourselves.

We feel inadequate. Insufficient. Perhaps even unworthy.


Which is NOT what Coaching is about.


So what I want to share with you even more is this:

No one needs a Coach, but everyone can WANT a Coach.

And, even better, “CHOOSE to invest in a Coach”.

There is a huge difference in the feeling those words create.

They make us feel in control. Certain.

Powerful. Not powerless.


As a Coach myself and having been coached by a number of Coaches, I have a huge respect for Coaching. I truly believe that:

🔸 Coaching can be fun, fulfilling and most of all, transforming.

It opens our eyes to blind spots, inspires insights and creates new results.

🔸 Through Coaching, we remember how to be our OWN Coach.

And this impacts our confidence, our communication, our ability to connect. Inside and out.

🔸 It’s not a question of NEED but it truly is an empowering CHOICE to make.


In summary,

Our WORDS create our WORLDS.

They are the SEEDS of tomorrow.

And the ENERGY behind them speaks volumes.


What words are you planting in your communication?

Want some help with that?



Photo courtesy of Felipe Correia, Unsplash

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