The Monthly Membership Club

The aim of my exclusive monthly magazine "Explore" is to give you the opportunity to practice your English at every level (reading, writing, listening, speaking, doodling...) whilst immersing yourself in a topic that is beneficial to your own wellbeing and development.

Remember: the objective is to thrive with your English!

Subscribe by clicking the button below and I will send you the new magazine at the beginning of each new month by email or Google drive. It's so easy! (You can obviously unsubscribe whenever you wish via the appropriate button in Paypal).

After having finished the activities in the magazine, there is the added bonus, if you wish, of signing up for an online coaching session with me - at a special reduced rate of 30 euros - to discuss the topic/activities in more detail.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some pages from the June edition on "Resilience".

This monthly membership is for you if:

  • you're above intermediate-level English;
  • you would like to practice in your own time;
  • you're interested in topics connected with personal development, leadership, healthy productivity and performance;
  • you would like a structure that helps you to practice more regularly outside sessions;
  • you currently lack the time to attend regular 1:1 sessions.