The Mindful Communication Program

The aim of this program is to give you the opportunity to slow down, press pause and take a close look at how you're communicating.

Communication can be a very powerful tool but too often, it is unclear, lengthy and lacking essence. In our 24/7 connected world, many of us have forgotten how to listen to others and speak meaningfully.

Through mindful discussions and practical exercises, you'll understand where and how you can improve so that you can connect more with others and become the impactful speaker you were born to be.

Who this program is for

You may recognise yourself in one or more of the following:

  • You're not managing to build the relationships you want at work or at home
  • People say you don't listen or that you don't communicate clearly
  • You don't feel "heard"
  • You often find yourself in conflictual situations
  • You wonder why people don't do what you expected or asked
  • You think that you communicate well but feedback from others (Managers, team, colleagues, spouse etc.) is often negative
  • Your discussions, presentations, meetings or written documents aren't achieving the desired effect despite your efforts
  • You think that your communication is already fairly good but that there is always room for improvement



What's Inside The Program


  • 2 Modules: Reflection activities and Practical exercises.
  • 4 Coaching sessions.
  • Mindful reflection activities outside sessions.



  • You'll become aware of the communication obstacles that are getting in the way of your ability to connect with others and create impact.
  • You'll know your triggers and pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Your language will be more concise, clear and meaningful.
  • You'll sharpen your presence and your focus.
  • You'll naturally be more persuasive and charismatic and communicate with more confidence and compassion.
  • People will feel heard and understood when exchanging with you and the quality of your relationships will deepen.


What to do now

  1. You sign up for the program via the sign-up button below (you send me your name, email address and name of the program you wish to register on);
  2. You make your payment via bank transfer (preferred) or paypal;
  3. You will answer a few questions that I will send you via email to give me some information about your current situation;
  4. We schedule our first session together.