Is Your Inner GPS Working?


Ouch! That word hurts sometimes doesn’t it?

Because we spend a lot of our lives resisting and rejecting where we are and it can be the same in our language learning and our business.

– We’re stuck on the intermediate plateau but we want to be fluent.
– We’re a beginner entrepreneur but we want to be where a 10-year business owner is.

The next time you start to think like this, remember the GPS analogy (which is even more appropriate during this holiday period when we’re trying to make our journeys as smooth and quick as possible!).

When we insert the data into our GPS, we obviously need to first acknowledge and accept where our departure point is.
Imagine wanting to go to Paris but not accepting that your starting point is Toulouse because you feel that you should be in Biarritz – how could you possibly ever get to where you want to go?

The GPS would go crazy and so would you 😃.

Likewise, we need to accept our level and remove our judgements about it.
We are where we are and everything that happened before has led us to this point today. There’s nowhere else we should be.

Because it’s only then, from this clean slate of acceptance, that we can gain awareness and define a clear path to our destination: a new green mindset 🌱 that gets us the results we want.

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