Why Learn Outside?

The objective of the "Move your English" Coaching sessions are to take language learning out of an office environment and mix it with one of the healthiest things you can do each day: walking outside in nature.

Nowadays, we spend too much time sitting down in front of a computer screen and whenever we can take a break from this, we immediately feel the benefits on our health.

Erik Scherder, a Dutch Professor in Clinical Neuropsychology, discovered that walking reduces mental stress and turns on the motivation centers in your brain, keeping you more alert and capable of solving problems more easily.

When we're outside in nature, we feel calmer, more at ease. Natural environments can improve our attention, boost our problem-solving skills, promote creative ideas, increase positive emotions and reduce the impact of stress.

Even though I've spent many years living in large cities, I've grown much closer to nature over the past few years (since my move to the mountains) and I've already seen the many beneficial effects it has on my mindset and clarity of thought.

You can read more about the positive effects of walking here and get the full report here. Here is a French article on the benefits of "co-walking" here.

Note: if you don't enjoy walking but like being outside in nature, the "Summer Sunset" English Coaching sessions are for you!

Why is it effective?

  • When you're outside in nature, you're more relaxed and less likely to be interrupted.
  • You can focus more on the present moment, your mind is clearer.
  • You're able to retain what you learn better.
  • Your body and mind can work together in harmony.

Move Your English / Summer Sunset Sessions