Impatient To Get There?

“Are we there yet?”

Remember those “endless” car journeys towards holiday destinations that seemed to last forever when we were children?

All we wanted was to get THERE and start enjoying ourselves. So we’d keep asking that same question: are we there yet?

I’ve come across some great answers from parents who are sick of hearing those little voices in the back seat:
– “Yes, get out”
– “No, you will never be there, you are always here”
– “We were, but you missed it, we’re now headed home”
– “I don’t know, I forgot where we were going…”
– “ We might be, get out and check”

Hilarious! 😄

And yet, this question isn’t restricted to childhood. Even as adults, we still ask similar questions or have similar thoughts about our learning or business journeys:
· Why aren’t I there by now?
· This is taking much too long.
· I should have arrived already!

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m in a hurry to get somewhere, I feel impatient and dissatisfied. I’m filled with an urgent energy that leads to rushed decisions or actions.
It sends me in the wrong direction. I get lost down dead ends and stuck in traffic jams.
And the journey takes so much longer!

So I’ve learned to take this feeling as a signal that I need to hit the brakes and look at my thinking.

Because when we slow down, we actually speed up in the long run.

When we stop running and racing and instead calm our brain and question our thoughts, we get to our final destination quicker.

And we can finally enjoy the ride without watching the clock.



Photo courtesy of Unsplash: Caleb Whiting, Leio Mclaren

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