How To Write A New Story

If you’re learning a language and you hear yourself saying things like:

– I’m not someone who…
– I’m just not good at…
– That’s impossible for me because I’ve never been able to…

then it’s time to interrupt your story 📖 about yourself. The stories that keep you playing small and not taking the action you need to.

In the past, I’ve created some amazing stories in my mind about what I could and couldn’t do.

I noticed 1 of those stories a few years ago when we started building our eco house.

I’d always told myself that I wasn’t someone who was good at «manual» work. Friends even joked that I was more Barbie than Bob the builder. 🔨

This was a problem because I needed to become more like “Bob” to help our project happen. So I took a 1st step… and my story began to lose pages & chapters until it became 1 blank page of possibility.

How do you change your story?

Ask yourself:
1. How do you see yourself as a speaker in the language?
2. How would you prefer to see yourself?
3. What would you need to stop believing in order to be that person?
4. What would you need to start believing?
5. How is that already true? What other proof can you create?

What stories do you want to interrupt?


Photo courtesy of Unsplash: Anna Pritchard

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