How To Deal With The Unexpected In Your International Communication

How do you deal with the unexpected in your international communication?

The solution concerns the actor Robin Williams and your feet!


I’ve always admired comedians.

Their quick wit and the way they’re able to improvise in the moment.

Robin Williams was like that.


Author/Coach Steve Chandler talks in one of his great books about having seen Robin on the show “Actors Studio”.

Robin asked the audience to throw any object up on stage.

Someone threw a towel.

And he immediately took it and reinterpreted it, wearing it on his head, around his waist, crafting it into a whole range of entertaining scenarios.

In other words, Robin was a master of thinking on his feet. Of offering new perspectives.


So many of my clients want to learn how to do this in English.

To be mentally agile for interviews, consults, Q&A, unexpected pitches, urgent calls….

For any type of impromptu speaking.

And they’re right.

This type of thinking helps us to quickly analyse, organize and present our points in a clear, concise & convincing way.


When we don’t know how to do this, we:

– overthink, repeat or ramble.

– hesitate and fill our speech with “ums”.

– speak too fast or stay silent.


So just imagine:

🔸 releasing the pressure valve on your brain and being composed and confident in your international communication.

🔸 being able to play with your topics and answers like Robin did with the towel.

When we become aware of just how creative we are, we build self-trust and then, nothing can stop us.
So, how CAN you do that?

2 ways:

  1. By using specific strategies that ELEVATE your thinking in the moment because they engage your WHOLE brain.
  2. By playing an advanced communication game that will help you to practice these techniques in more “spontaneous” speaking:


Because life is a continual improvisation, whether it’s in our business, being a parent or having a conversation.


And you know what?

You can’t NOT improve at this game,

provided you fulfil ONE condition: you have to be willing to paint outside the lines.

Speak without a script.

Dive into your creative toolbox.

You have to be willing to say “yes AND”. Not “but”.


We grow up saying yes. Then we gradually move to the safety of no.

Life loses colour.

Let’s build up your “yes” muscle for your communication.


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