How To Connect In Your Communication & Speak the Language We’ve All Been Waiting For

There is no more B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human“. Bryan Kramer

Whether we are entrepreneurs, freelancers, or CEOs of small, medium or mega-sized companies, whether we’re selling products or services to individuals or companies, whether we’re native or non-native speakers, there is only one way to really connect with our customers/clients: by being human and using human language.

It’s so simple and, let’s face it, pretty obvious, so you’d think we couldn’t get it wrong because we’re all human, right?


We have a tendency to forget the human element when it comes to public speaking. We talk at people instead of to them. Maybe because of the stress this activity often creates in our minds. So, we overwhelm our listeners with information and figures. We smother them in data. We blind them with complicated visuals. It’s more painful than pleasant.

We might look human but we don’t sound it. We’ve forgotten to connect to our shared reality.

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