How Much Fun Are You Having On Your Journey Over There?

How much fun are you having in your learning?

Learning is what we make it so why not make it fun? 😃

Here are 5 simple tips to add more fun to your language learning:

🙃 Make time to play around with the language. I have clients who have come up with their own sensory combo of metaphors and expressions that are even more impactful than the so-called «right» ones. Play by your rules, create your own art.

😄 Chuckle at and laugh with yourself when you can’t find a word. Use your hands, take a roundabout route with the words you do have. Be your own sculptor. No need to be so serious. Even a little smile goes a long way.

🤗 Explore what new fun activities you can do whilst discovering the language at the same time.

😆 Share funny stories and life experiences, they can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Laughter is a universal language, spoken by all.

🥰 Most of all, change your focus from a need for perfection to a desire for connection with others.

A language is never “done” so there’s always time for fun.

What are your ideas?

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