With the support of the Neurolanguage Coaching® framework, I use three principles to guide my Communication skills coaching: mindfulness, meaning and minimalism.

Think of your language learning as if you’re building a house (like I did). It won’t last long if the foundations are weak. Very soon, the cracks will start to appear and you’ll have to stop and repair the damage.

On the contrary, you need solid support that will sustain the grounds of your house for years and decades to come.

Your English communication strategy is the same. If you don’t first manage your mind, it will take you much longer to arrive at your destination and you won't enjoy the journey.

And how do you connect? From the inside-out.

Using English as your tool, you look inside yourself, which has a beneficial effect on your outside life. This gives you clarity, focus and drive.

What Do Our Sessions Look Like?

We Create Fertile Foundations

We discuss your dreams & goals in English and your learning style/lifestyle. I explain my coaching principles to establish an "ecological" environment: trust, empathy,  commitment & total confidentiality.

We Design Your English Garden

With my support, you define clear directions & milestones for our collaboration so that you gain clarity and stay motivated. You take responsibility for your learning and feel more empowered.

We Cultivate A Green Environment

We transform any perfectionist or negative thinking that may be stopping your flow and preventing you from speaking up in English so that you welcome English into your lifestyle and build up healthy practices.

We Regularly Water Your English

Thanks to fully-customized, brain-friendly coaching sessions, during which coaching models and techniques may be used, you and your English are free to grow in your own way and at your own pace.

Your English Garden Blooms

You play an active role in a flexible & adaptable process. You enjoy yourself more and you're more engaged, you learn quicker and retain more English. You get long-lasting results and achieve your goals.

What Are The Benefits?

  • As this is a collaboration, i.e. we're on equal status, not a one-sided teacher/student relationship like in school, you feel more at ease.
  • Our work together is solution-focused and I encourage you to create your own rules and take ownership of the language. You feel more empowered.
  • Your learning roadmap is clear. You now know what to focus on and why. You no longer feel stuck or powerless.
  • You slow down and your learning speeds up. You create more time for yourself.
  • You become more self-aware and mindful of how you're being. This has a positive ripple effect on your daily life and relationships.
  • You're more efficient, effective and engaging in your English communication.
  • You feel more confident and fulfilled in your business/career and happier in general.

Let’s Be Sociable

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Abraham Lincoln