Get Your Business English Into Shape For The Summer

Thinking about getting into shape for the Summer?
Don’t forget to do the same for your Business English. This is why:


June has arrived with its scent of Summer. The beach is calling out to me.

So I recently decided to add some extra tools to my fitness routine:
a skipping rope and a hula hoop.


Isn’t it funny how certain things feel logical for us to do in ONE area but we don’t think about applying the same strategy in other areas?

For example:
– we understand the importance of keeping our BODY in good shape, but
– we don’t often think about doing the same for our COMMUNICATION,

in order to make it sustainably powerful and “leaner”, for many Seasons to come.


William Henry Harrison didn’t think about it either.
And you know what happened to him, don’t you?

You don’t?
Here’s a quick summary:


Apart from his role as the 9th President of the United States, William became famous for two things:

1) For having pronounced the longest speech ever, when he took his oath of office.
2) For having the shortest presidency in history.

Despite the freezing weather on inauguration day, William rode up Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington on a white horse, without a coat, hat or gloves.

He then gave a very, VERY long, complicated and elaborate speech in the cold drizzle.

This speech, exploding with over 8,400 words, took him at least 2 hours to pronounce. (yawn)

Rather unsurprisingly, he caught a cold. Unfortunately, this cold then transformed into pneumonia, causing his death just one month later in April 1841.


The moral of this story? There are two:

  • Lengthy, elaborate presentations with too many details can cost you more than you think.
  • Even Presidents find it hard to communicate with clarity, precision and power in their OWN language.

That’s why I’m always so proud of my International Clients.

Because they rise to a DOUBLE challenge daily by giving presentations, leading meetings and doing interviews in English, a language that isn’t their own…

…AND they make it their own by using tools, tips and techniques that tone up their power, precision and presence.

Tools, tips and techniques that you can find in my Communication Skills Program, by the way.

And I promise you that it’s a lot less costly than in the story above!


Here’s a simple tip to get you started on creating leaner communication.

Before preparing any type of communication, you can make the process much easier for yourself by defining your GPS:

GOAL: decide what you want your listeners to 1) feel, 2) know and 3) do after listening.

POINT: based on that, decide your point and capture it in one, short sentence.

STRUCTURE: choose a logical structure that supports your G & P above (e.g. “What – So what – Now what?”).

A GPS is a simple but effective way of ensuring that you take your listeners to the desired destination. It helps to guide and reduce the scope of your word choice, visuals and analogies, keeps you firmly on track AND naturally cuts out unnecessary details because anything that doesn’t support your GPS can be dropped!


What’s one thing you intend to enhance this Summer?



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