Foggy Thoughts On Your Learning Journey?

I presume you’ve driven through thick fog at least once in your life?

I guess you shifted from “automatic pilot” mode to deliberate driving, with 100% focus on the road ahead. In short, you:

– slowed down
– cleared your mind
– hit the fog lights
– became extra present
– took it step by step, anticipating obstacles to avoid

Well, language learning and public speaking are no different.

The quality of our thinking & our presence is everything so we need to get our mind working deliberately, and not on default.

When learning, we often feel like we’re driving through fog due to those blurry, vague statements our brain sends us in an effort to keep us safe:
– “You don’t have what it takes”
– “You’ll never be as good as X”
– “You’re not enough”

The problem is that we think we’re hearing the truth. But if we slow down and shine a light on the situation with specific questions, the fog quickly clears. Simple questions like:
– What does that even mean?
– Is that true? (100% true, not our inner critic’s truth…)
– Why?

The truth is we can always handle the path ahead.

I 💖 helping my clients clear their brain fog.

Why not jump on a call with me and improve the weather in your mind☀️?


Photo courtesy of Unsplash: Ralph Ravi Kayden

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