Don’t Forget Who You Are As A Non-Native Speaker Of English

For All You International Entrepreneurs Communicating in English in your Business

This is for you.


Remember those epic action movies or series where the world is coming to an end

Or a city is about to be destroyed…

Or someone is about to lose their life…

And suddenly the hero or heroine arrives at the last minute and saves the day?


Well, I hope that this isn’t going to surprise you but you need to hear this:

This will NEVER happen in your Business English communication.

No one is coming to save you.


Do you know why?

Because you DON’T need saving.

Because the knight in shining armour is YOU.


Yes, as a Coach, I’m here to:

  • Support, guide and advise you towards insights and understanding.
  • – Help you to feel at home with the language.
  • – Find the words that suit you and impact your audience.
  • – Provide you with effective strategies and helpful techniques.
  • – Laugh with you, encourage you and challenge your thinking.

(And believe me, I love to do all of these things!)


But that doesn’t make me the hero of your language journey.


YOU are the one who walks into crowded rooms and gives presentations and workshops.

YOU are the one who gets out there on social media and posts your messages.

YOU are the one who participates in international meetings, whether online or in-company.

YOU are the one who picks up the phone and reaches out to potential clients to offer your services.

YOU are the one who instructs, explains, clarifies, negotiates and confirms.

YOU are the one who perseveres through the ups and downs of the learning curve and doesn’t quit.


All this in a language that is not your own.

To achieve your dreams.


If that isn’t brave, I don’t know what is.


Please remember this the next time you start thinking about:

– mistakes you made

– questions you had to ask

– things you needed to clarify or repeat


It is during challenging times that the hero within us is revealed.

So don’t let the voice in your head tell you that you were wrong.

Remind it that heroes are made by the paths they choose.

And you’ve chosen yours.


You are. Your hero.

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