Do you want to say Bye to Blah?

I’m going to be honest with you: some International Leaders won’t want to hear this. But you will, because you’re different.

A lot of leadership communication is becoming rather “blah”.
On a global scale.

It is making deep words like “vision” and “purpose” lose their spark.
They are thrown around in corporate environments like balloons at a children’s party. 🎈
But behind many of them, there’s often just a lot of air.

And that’s why too many people are leaving presentations, meetings and jobs feeling blah.
Because of the blah they’ve heard and experienced.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Having worked in global communication for many years, I know that
blah is a recipe. A tasteless one.

And if we don’t want to be baking blah, we need these 3 ingredients:


When there’s a lack of power and punch, it’s like observing someone polishing a car that has no engine.
Teams and clients quickly realize 2 things:

🔸 It won’t take them anywhere.
🔸 And there’s much better things they could be doing with their time.

Whereas we all need real fuel and deep drive to sustain our appetite for action.

We want the words to make a resounding impact on our brain,
forcing old thinking to throw in the towel (not hang ourselves with it). 😉


There are certain creative tools that add so much subtle rhythm and relatability.

They create new harmonious lyrics that draw others on to the communicational dancefloor,

transforming messages into bold brainworms that stylishly stick.

Yes, some will say that global leadership is a serious business and there’s no room for play.

I disagree.

If you want to stimulate a sustainable sense of synergy, inside and out,
you need to know how to play with words AND have fun doing it.


Words are never enough. They are only half the outfit.

Relying on words without presence is like arriving at a meeting wearing just a shirt and jacket.

The bottom half – your trousers and shoes – are there for a reason.
They increase your credibility, confidence and style.

Because without them, you’ll make an impact, but not the one you were hoping for. 🤔

So let’s pass THIS message on:
Blah may be back. But it doesn’t have to be the new black.

Because blah doesn’t move minds, actions or worlds. It dims rather than illuminates.
And I know you want to illuminate.

Want some help with that?

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