Do you realize what you’re taking into your International Meetings?

As a British expat and entrepreneur living in France,
do you know what I like to compare myself to when I speak in French?


A Swiss Army Knife.

And I tell my clients the same thing. Because it’s the same for them.


The Swiss Army Knife is a valuable multi-tool and a stylish one at that:

Big & small blades. Screwdriver & scissors. Multi-purpose hook & wood saw.
Can opener & corkscrew. Tweezers & toothpick…

It’s versatile. Can handle a wide variety of tasks in different situations.
And always has your back.


Can you see where I’m going with this?


Many international clients come to me with an inferiority complex.
They feel inadequate compared to native speakers of English.
They want people to forget that English isn’t their mother tongue.
Which is a HUGE mistake.


Because, as an international speaker, you are the “ultimate multi-tool”.


With your different cultural background and experience,
not only do you bring a unique and wider perspective to business meetings and conversations,
but you’re also able to communicate in at least two languages.

And not just that.


Let’s not forget that your inner toolbox has been cultivated with care.
Because you’ve multiplied and enhanced:

  • Your adaptability, resilience & drive.
  • Your resourcefulness & focus.
  • Your creative problem-solving & critical-thinking skills.



  • When you haven’t found a word, you’ve explained it differently.
  • When you haven’t understood, you’ve clarified or paraphrased.
  • When you’ve felt nervous, you’ve spoken up anyway.


➜ You’ve beaten confusion and misunderstanding.
➜ You’ve faced uncertainty and not knowing.
➜ You’ve risen to the challenges of “new” and “change”.

In short: you’ve learned how to move through discomfort.
And that’s one of the BIGGEST obstacles to human potential in our world today.


So the next time your brain tries to tell you that you are “less” than,
please kindly shut it, like your laptop, by reminding it of this:

YOU are the Swiss Army Knife of global business communication.


We often talk about the power of words. And yes, they are powerful indeed.
BUT let’s not forget the power of the person who is speaking them,
that person with an accent.

We can all be our very own Swiss Army Knife.
Tell me: in which area are YOU yours?

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