The Magic of Quantum Conversations in your International Business

As an international leader, have you ever thought of applying the principle of “spooky action at a distance” to your business communication?


Back-to-back meetings on the highway of your agenda?

Another day of conversations running into each other, often in autopilot mode?

Not easy, I know.

And that’s why you need to think about “spooky action at a distance”.



There’s no need to call Ghostbusters.

This is just Einstein’s description of “Quantum Entanglement”, which he found strange and spooky.

Now, my knowledge of Quantum Mechanics is a tiny speck on the horizon compared to Einstein’s.

But I still find it mind-blowing and totally fascinating. And I’m sure you will too:


Quantum entanglement refers to what happens when 2 particles, such as 2 electrons, interact with each other.

From that moment onwards, they remain forever “entangled” or linked in a certain way.

This means that a change induced in one, will instantaneously affect the other, no matter how far apart they are.

For example, even if we decided to place particle A on planet Mars and particle B in Brad Pitt’s lounge, they would continue to influence each other from a distance!

(Why Brad?… Why not? ;))



So what does this have to do with your international communication and leadership?

Well, your Company is a bit like a quantum field.

Every conversation you have with an employee or client contains the potential for you to impact them in a bigger, more permanent way.

A way that helps them feel that they belong and that they matter.

A way that enables them to connect their personal vision to your bigger one.

Creating a deeper link so that, no matter where they are in the world, the memory of your words and presence is forever “entangled” in their mind.



But to be able to transform your business communication into “quantum conversations” like THAT, you also need to create THIS:

🔸 a type of mental vestibule between each meeting.

A vestibule is literally a closed area at the front of a house where you can leave your coat etc. A kind of physical interlude.


Throughout your busy day, you need this comforting liminal space to go to in your mind.

A place where you can take an instant, refreshing mental shower,

enabling you to go into each conversation as if it were the ONLY conversation in your day.

Then to speak, with intention, care and skill. And make it count.


Quantum conversations. Mental vestibules.

Imagine what they could change in a day? In a month? In a year?

On a global scale.


The most amazing things happen in the quantum realm.

In the international world of leadership communication too.


Want some help with that?

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