Let me tell you something: it's not your fault.

It's not your fault that you're not getting the results you want. So, first of all, please stop beating yourself up.

You're just missing some tools and knowledge about how to manage your mind:

  • how to move through your "negative" emotions (and even create emotions that serve you);
  • how to be aware of your thoughts (and even choose them on purpose);
  • how to replace old habits with healthier new ones;
  • how to make firm decisions, commit and follow through.

It's logical because, most of the above, we've never been taught.

I know that you've spent so much time and energy on trying to get results.

You feel like you've tried everything: programs, courses, blueprints, webinars, books, 5-step plans...

But the ONE thing you haven't tried is removing the obstacle of your thought habits from your road to success.

In other words, all the things perfectionists do to avoid having to take action for fear of not being "enough":

  • setting vague goals
  • all-or-nothing thinking
  • endless consumption of information allowing them to stay "safe" out of the limelight
  • saying yes to everyone and everything and wearing "busy" as a badge of honour
  • ...

We could resume them as the 3 P's: procrastination, people pleasing and passive action.

Perhaps you recognise yourself in some of the above? As a recovering perfectionist, I definitely recognise myself!

If so, you'll perhaps realize how much weight you've been carrying in all this "baggage" from your past.

I think we can finally say that now is the time to drop those bags and make progress.

I can teach you how. The how that trains your brain and inspires new energy, action and results.

I know that you're tired of feeling dissatisfied at the end of your work day, tired of that niggling sensation that you should be somewhere else by now, which leads to that never-ending sense of stuckness, overwhelm and frantic doing.

So, enough of the doing for now, it's time to come down from your head and look at how you're being.

To slow down and focus. Answer some empowering questions.

The great thing is that, as you're still here reading this page, you're obviously motivated to make a change so you're closer than you think.

You're realizing what another few months of staying where you are could cost you:

missing out on the joy of real progress and the confidence & fulfilment that comes from that.

So what can you expect from our Conversation?

30 minutes of total presence and focus on YOU and on what you want. (Who else gives you that?)

A safe, friendly space where you can feel free to be you and talk openly without fear of judgement.

You will come away with an action plan, knowing:

  • what the solution to your "problem" is
  • the vision of what could be thanks to this solution
  • the ripple effect of this solution in your life

It's a bit like going to the Doctor for a consultation. The objective is that he/she listens to you carefully and then writes you a prescription to heal the root cause of your problem. You're then free to decide to follow the guidance or not.

If this is something you want to explore further, feel free to reserve a time here or click on the button above. Please allow 48 hours between now and your reservation.

If you can't find a time that suits you, please contact me directly here so that we can find a solution.


Let’s Be Sociable

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Abraham Lincoln