Connection Matters

Nature teaches us so many things that we can use in our learning and in our lives.

I recently learned about the Redwood tree and wanted to share its story.

In most trees, roots go deep. It helps them to weather strong winds and storms.

The Redwood is different.

It grows to huge heights but its roots are fairly shallow. In fact, most of its roots are located in the top 3 feet of soil. However, it’s one of the most resilient trees.


Because its roots extend wide, sometimes up to 100 feet from the trunk, and intertwine with the other Redwood trees around it.

They support each other, feed each other and keep each other strong. They are connected.

Connection matters. It matters in our learning, in our work and in our daily lives. And it’s even more essential during these challenging times.

Let’s all connect roots and support each other. Nourish & nurture. Not disconnect & divide.

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