The Value of Coaching In Language Learning

I think you’ll agree that it’s difficult for traditional learning styles to work in our “noisy” lives of today. We often feel overwhelmed, stressed, in a rush. It’s hard to think clearly when information is hitting us from all sides and we’re in a constant race for more and better. We often have more skills […]

The Value of Coaching

The Lamp post Effect I first heard this term from Michael Neill, well-known Coach and Author, who used this analogy to refer to the value of coaching. He said that part of the value of coaching is in what he calls “the lamp post effect”. In other words, if you tell your hopes, dreams, and […]

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your English

“Someday is not a day in the week”. Sam Horn Let me guess. You need to practise your English. You know that. And that’s why you’re frustrated. Because you keep putting it off until some day when you’ll finally have enough time. We’ve all been there. I know how it is. Despite the good intentions, […]

Work-Life Balance – A Myth or Possibility?

“Are you making old choices? Or are you making bold choices?” Dan Thurmon I’m sure you’ve already asked yourself this question: what the hell is work-life balance anyway?! If so, I’m with you on that. In our performance-driven society of today, “work-life balance” seems to be an expression that is bandied around by everyone and […]

How to Avoid the Number 1 Pitfall of Learning a Language When You’re Busy

You’re busy. Crazy busy. As usual. In fact, you can’t remember a time when you weren’t constantly running, rushing, racing. And you’ve just realized that you’ll need to find time for something else in your exploding schedule: improving your English. Not just for the lessons themselves, no, that would be too easy. You also have […]

the one thing busy professionas need to do

What Is The Powerful ONE Thing Formula For Busy Professionals?

Heart racing, head pounding, you can feel the perspiration breaking out on your neck and trickling slowly down your back, right up to the dull ache at the bottom of your spine. But all you can think about is catching up, so you continue to push yourself that little bit harder. An important race? A […]

The One Thing You Have To Do To Get Unstuck In Life & Language

Feeling stuck? Like you’re going round in circles, frustrated, overwhelmed, at a loss to know what to do? One step forward equals two steps back? What if you could get clearer in your mind, know exactly what to do, blast away the unproductive busyness of daily life with a calm, razor-sharp focus? Find your flow… […]