Which Unspoken Rules Are Creating Your Results?

You may be tired of hearing about “rules” if you’re trying to master a language or move forward with your business or career. In language learning, we have grammar rules and pronunciation rules, rules for formal and informal language, rules for intonation… In business, we have accounting rules, insurance rules, legal rules, corporate rules… But […]

The One Thing That Could Be Stopping Your Progress

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be taking two steps forward and one step back in your language learning? The answer could lie with your values. Values are the compass that guide and shape our lives as Tony Robbins poetically says in his popular book “Awaken The Giant Within”. Why? Because they enable […]

What Is Your Learning Process: Shelf Development or Self-Development?

Are you over-consuming or taking a “greener”, more organic approach to your language learning? I haven’t counted the books in the above bookshelf but the total figure probably equals the number of books I’ve read over the last 5 years. In the past 12 months, I’ve greatly reduced my consumption but it took me a […]

The One Thing You Might Need To Hear Today

February has just dawned and I wanted to ask you something: Are you tired of hearing about all the new resolutions and challenges we supposedly need to focus on in 2020 to continue to “improve ourselves” in some way? They make me feel a bit like the child in this photo. So I’ve decided to […]

The Only Method You Need To Learn Anything New

Listen with nothing on your mind To learn anything new, it goes without saying that we need to be able to listen. The problem is that we’re bombarded with information from all directions on a day-to-day basis. Tiny musical “pings” throughout the day announce the arrival of emails, texts and messages of all kinds. We’ve […]

Forget the Blueprints to less Stress

Why not connect to your inner stressbuster? Let’s start with a question. What creates stress in your daily life? You’re probably thinking that it’s anything from the commute to work, the project you’re working on or the argument you had with your partner the night before. But just take a minute to think about it. […]

Mindful or “Mind full” Communication?

What are you thinking about when you’re communicating? Would you say that: 1) you’re being mindful of the moment or 2) that your mind is full? Number 1)  is the key to getting great results but Number 2) leads to stress and low performance. Let me explain. Have you ever wondered why sometimes you manage […]

Letting go of the fear of making mistakes

A mindful activity for those of you who find it hard to overcome the fear of making a mistake We all know that deep-rooted memories of an unpleasant learning experience in the past or even just a general “fear of failure” can often hold us back from making progress in the present. When you next […]

Language is about Connection (not Grammar)

I recently read that the roots of a redwood tree don’t run very deep. Instead of growing downward, they grow out, extending sideways to wrap themselves around the roots of other trees. When rough weather comes, it’s the network of closely intertwined roots that allows the trees to stand strong. We humans are the same. […]