The Path To Fearless Learning

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” Ambrose Redmoon   I’m currently immersed in the book “Fearless” by the American Author & Coach, Steve Chandler. Steve’s down-to-earth yet poetic way of writing touches the heart and a lot of the advice he gives […]

Put On Your Language “Costume”

Our mother tongue is an innate part of us; we see it as our identity. So what happens when we can’t use it, when we need to replace it with the new language? We may feel lost, vulnerable, and unconfident. We may feel frustrated that we can’t express ourselves as we wish. We may not […]

Dress to Impress in Business English

Perhaps you know how to express yourself in English, get your basic message across? But ask yourself this one question: am I always using the same words or expressions? In short, do you feel like you should add some colour to your vocabulary? Does it matter? Well, yes, it does actually. The more varied your […]

3 Essential Tips To Overcoming Your Fear Of Speaking In English!

Whenever you think about speaking up in English, do you start getting an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach? Do possible scenarios and questions start filling your head? What if you miss something or don’t understand? What if you can’t remember the word you want to say? What if they don’t understand you? What if…..? Replaying […]