Bloom Where You Are Planted

Let’s use nature as our compass in learning:

The seed sprouts and reaches high in Spring 🌱

The rose blooms and offers its scent in Summer 🌹

The leaf turns a golden brown & falls in Autumn 🍂

The blades of grass hibernate under the snow in Winter ❄️

Whether it rains or shines, nature continues on at its own pace, at its own natural rhythm.

It doesn’t race to get somewhere, it respects its true nature.

In contrast, we are often rushing for fear of missing out. We want to tick items off our to-do list and move on to the next. We don’t allow ourselves space to ripen in our own sweet time.

And so we can’t lay down roots, grow from them and enjoy the process.

Where are you out of alignment with your true nature in your daily life?

What would aligning with your true nature in your language learning look like to you?

Contact me to explore this together.💚


Photo courtesy of Mak, Unsplash

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