Vision Setting (Designing Your Best Life)

Why Make a Life Design Plan? The Life-Design Plan was made famous by Debbie Milmann, a renowned designer and educator, who has appeared on Tim Ferriss’ podcast several times. You can find more details on the Plan here. In a nutshell, the Plan makes you establish a direction for yourself. Think about it. If you […]

It Was The Best Of Times…

It’s amazing how sights, sounds and smells from the past can send us swirling back into the memories of a certain époque, isn’t it? That’s what happened to me the other night when I heard a song from my youth (“Misfit” by a group called “Curiosity Killed the Cat”). All the memories came rushing back […]

Dealing With Uncertainty In Life & Language

Does your attention feel like this at the moment?   In pieces?   I’m pretty sure I know why. It’s the “not knowing”. We’re not used to this uncertainty. We like to know. It makes us feel safe, secure. It stems from our school days when we had to have the answers. Not knowing the […]

The Value of Coaching In Language Learning

I think you’ll agree that it’s difficult for traditional learning styles to work in our “noisy” lives of today. We often feel overwhelmed, stressed, in a rush. It’s hard to think clearly when information is hitting us from all sides and we’re in a constant race for more and better. We often have more skills […]

The One Thing You Might Need To Hear Today

February has just dawned and I wanted to ask you something: Are you tired of hearing about all the new resolutions and challenges we supposedly need to focus on in 2020 to continue to “improve ourselves” in some way? They make me feel a bit like the child in this photo. So I’ve decided to […]

The Only Method You Need To Learn Anything New

Listen with nothing on your mind To learn anything new, it goes without saying that we need to be able to listen. The problem is that we’re bombarded with information from all directions on a day-to-day basis. Tiny musical “pings” throughout the day announce the arrival of emails, texts and messages of all kinds. We’ve […]

Forget the Blueprints to less Stress

Why not connect to your inner stressbuster? Let’s start with a question. What creates stress in your daily life? You’re probably thinking that it’s anything from the commute to work, the project you’re working on or the argument you had with your partner the night before. But just take a minute to think about it. […]

Mindful or “Mind full” Communication?

What are you thinking about when you’re communicating? Would you say that: 1) you’re being mindful of the moment or 2) that your mind is full? Number 1)  is the key to getting great results but Number 2) leads to stress and low performance. Let me explain. Have you ever wondered why sometimes you manage […]

The Value of Coaching

The Lamp post Effect I first heard this term from Michael Neill, well-known Coach and Author, who used this analogy to refer to the value of coaching. He said that part of the value of coaching is in what he calls “the lamp post effect”. In other words, if you tell your hopes, dreams, and […]

Letting go of the fear of making mistakes

A mindful activity for those of you who find it hard to overcome the fear of making a mistake We all know that deep-rooted memories of an unpleasant learning experience in the past or even just a general “fear of failure” can often hold us back from making progress in the present. When you next […]