5 Simple Ways To Calm Our Fears Before Speaking Up In A Foreign Language

Public speaking in a foreign language. What does that evoke to you: an adrenaline rush or a battlefield? If it’s the second option, this article is for you. Because I know the fears you’re struggling with. In a nutshell, you’re worried about: making mistakes misunderstanding or being misunderstood not having the words you need to […]

How To Make Public-Speaking Practice Fun

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to write a good impromptu speech.” Mark Twain Public speaking. Depending on how we view it, it can be a pain or a pleasure! Giving presentations, giving keynote speeches, leading or facilitating meetings, making company or product pitches, social networking… the possibilities are endless and so are […]

How To Connect In Your Communication & Speak the Language We’ve All Been Waiting For

“There is no more B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human“. Bryan Kramer Whether we are entrepreneurs, freelancers, or CEOs of small, medium or mega-sized companies, whether we’re selling products or services to individuals or companies, whether we’re native or non-native speakers, there is only one way to really connect with our customers/clients: by being […]

Vision Setting (Designing Your Best Life)

Why Make a Life Design Plan? The Life-Design Plan was made famous by Debbie Milmann, a renowned designer and educator, who has appeared on Tim Ferriss’ podcast several times. You can find more details on the Plan here. In a nutshell, the Plan makes you establish a direction for yourself. Think about it. If you […]

It Was The Best Of Times…

It’s amazing how sights, sounds and smells from the past can send us swirling back into the memories of a certain époque, isn’t it? That’s what happened to me the other night when I heard a song from my youth (“Misfit” by a group called “Curiosity Killed the Cat”). All the memories came rushing back […]

Dealing With Uncertainty In Life & Language

Does your attention feel like this at the moment?   In pieces?   I’m pretty sure I know why. It’s the “not knowing”. We’re not used to this uncertainty. We like to know. It makes us feel safe, secure. It stems from our school days when we had to have the answers. Not knowing the […]

The Value of Coaching In Language Learning

I think you’ll agree that it’s difficult for traditional learning styles to work in our “noisy” lives of today. We often feel overwhelmed, stressed, in a rush. It’s hard to think clearly when information is hitting us from all sides and we’re in a constant race for more and better. We often have more skills […]