What Are The Perfectionist Obstacles In Your Language Learning & Life?

Do you feel like your language learning (& life) is full of obstacles? As perfectionists, we tend to face 3 main obstacles: 1) Overwhelm – too many choices and the fear of making the wrong decision or not knowing “how” means that we procrastinate and stay stuck; 2) Lack of belief – in ourselves and […]

To Be Or Not To Be…. A Perfectionist?

Do you feel like you should be somewhere else by now in your language learning? You feel like you’ve done everything possible but you’re still feeling stuck? What if your perfectionist tendencies were holding you back? Because many perfectionists don’t even realize that they are one. I used to think I was just detail-oriented or […]

“Who” Before “How”

Have you noticed that when we’re learning, we’re totally focused on how to get to where we want to go? We’re all about “the doing”. We often skip the first essential step: the who. Who we’re being as a learner. It starts with asking questions like these: – Who am I: victim or empowered? – […]

Impatient To Get There?

“Are we there yet?” Remember those “endless” car journeys towards holiday destinations that seemed to last forever when we were children? All we wanted was to get THERE and start enjoying ourselves. So we’d keep asking that same question: are we there yet? I’ve come across some great answers from parents who are sick of […]

What’s On Your Playlist Today?

When I go jogging, I love listening to podcasts & music. My pace often follows the rhythm of Rihanna or Sia 🎵. They are songs or words I deliberately listen to. But in our daily lives, there are also words we don’t choose to listen to and yet they play non-stop in our minds, just […]

How Emotionally Agile Are You In Your Language Learning & Life?

You know what I’ve found are the 3 most difficult steps in language learning and life? Showing up – leaving the safety of our comfort zone Stepping up – to become the person you want to be Speaking up – being willing to open your mouth and let words come out I’m speaking from experience. […]

How To Stop Letting Your Fear of Failure Get In The Way Of What You Want

Everyone is afraid of failure in some way. Perfectionists in particular. Whether it’s in our language learning or public speaking, failure generally looks something like this: messing up and looking silly. saying the wrong thing. not understanding or being misunderstood. not finding the right words. not being good enough. not connecting. … We’re secretly terrified […]

The Most Common “Good Girl” Behaviours That Could Be Holding You Back

Feeling stuck? Got the impression you’re going round in everlasting circles, never making real progress? Perhaps you’re a secret perfectionist and you don’t even know it?? To help you decide, here is my list of the top 20 perfectionist behaviours (this doesn’t mean that we do all of them, all of the time, but it’s […]

The Key To Moving From The Slopes To The Spotlight

Did you know that skiing and speaking up in a foreign language have quite a few things in common? (Handy tip #1: Just for the record here, I’m not suggesting that you do these two activities at the same time. For any of you who have already stood up to speak in public whilst wearing […]