As A Leader Wanting to Advance Your International Business, You Need To Focus On THIS Relationship

When we’re a leader communicating in a foreign language, like English,

We want to create connection and build relationships.

But which relationship is it essential to focus on FIRST?



The one we have with ourselves.

Even though it’s the one we tend to overlook the most.


Because the “love” we have for ourselves during our learning journeys is often conditional.

It totally depends on us meeting our OWN high expectations or unspoken rules.

Particularly when we’re perfectionists.


What does this look like?

  • When things go well in the language, in a meeting, presentation, interview,

we’re quite willing to like ourselves, give ourselves a few words of appreciation.

  • But when we see ourselves “messing up”, not understanding or looking for words,

it’s so easy to fall back into the blame, shame and judgement.


At times the thought of loving and supporting ourselves even when we make mistakes, is like venturing into unknown territory.

We need a roadmap. A few simple directions at the very least.

And for others, self-love literally feels so far away that they’d need a long-haul flight, 2-hour bus journey and a mountain jeep ride to just get a glimpse of it.

It feels too difficult to get there from here.


So the question is:

How CAN we create a closer, stable relationship with ourselves from which to confidently face the daily challenges of our Business English or foreign language?

How CAN we regularly speak from a place of care and support that won’t crumble at the first forgotten word and shift like the price of fuel?


The first step is this: become aware of the relationship you currently have with the YOU in English and what you want to change.

  • Picture the last time things didn’t go the way you wanted in your communication.
  • See yourself sitting in a chair opposite you after the event.
  • How are you looking at that person?
  • With regret? Embarrassment? Fear? Maybe you don’t want to look at them at all?
  • Or do you feel proud of them for showing up? For transmitting their message with the words they had?


Either way, you will get a glimpse of your relationship with you.

And it has a ripple effect on everything else.

Because how you communicate with yourself shines outwards.

That’s where true leadership starts.


Love yourself. Love the language. ❤️


Photo courtesy of: Denys Nevozhai, Unsplash

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