Are you nurturing yourself & your learning?

“Those who are nurtured best survive best. It turns out that our emotional resilience and our ability to learn are inextricably interwoven”.

Louis Cozolino

How do you talk to yourself when you make a mistake?

Are you letting your feelings affect your progress?

Are you listening more to your inner critic than your inner coach?

As a perfectionist, I used to shame and blame myself for slipping up. My fears kept me stuck in overthinking and I was totally oblivious to the fact that my inner critic was an expert in fake news!

💚 As learners, we need nurturing, not neglecting.
We need to give ourselves first what we think we need from others. Be it love, validation, support, whatever.

This takes so much pressure away and means that we can learn from a clean, “green” slate.

🌼 What do you think you need from others to perform at your best? What would it look like to start giving yourself this today?

💚 Emotions need to be welcomed and listened to, just like a friend with a message.

What’s more, we can cultivate the emotions we need for our learning to thrive.

🌼 Which emotion would help drive the action you most want to take but can’t? How could you immerse yourself in that emotion and build it up like a muscle?

💚 The inner critic needs calmness and compassion as well as some tough love at times.

🌼 How about inviting your inner critic inside for some « positivitea » and a hug?

Gently remind her that she’s safe even if she’s scared (she’ll always be worried and that’s ok, it’s her job – but she doesn’t get to make the decisions).

As the quote says:
Nurture = Emotional Resilience = Greater learning ability

How are you nurturing yourself & your learning?


Photo courtesy of: Noah Buscher, Unsplash

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