Are You A “Green” Warrior?

I recently learned about somebody who is the perfect example of a “green warrior”: Padma Shri. Jadav ‘Molai’ Payeng.

He is a man in India who has created hundreds of acres of dense green forest single-handedly, which is now flourishing with tigers, rhinos, elephants…. (link to a short video about him at the bottom of this article).

This type of story deeply resonates with me and makes me ask myself: where am I being a green warrior in my own life?

I came up with the following list of things I’m currently doing:

– Embracing the concept of minimalism in my lifestyle
– Being a more conscious shopper (choosing organic, local and seasonal, eating less meat, avoiding farmed fish, palm oil products and plastic water bottles…)
– Making my own ecological cleaning products
– Recycling old clothes and possessions
– Making a monthly donation to an environmental association
– Focusing on raising my own energy levels by cultivating what I call a green mindset in my daily life

These are of course small steps compared to Padma! But every little counts.

I’d love to know: where are you going green in your life? 🌱

Did you know that it’s possible to be a green warrior in your learning journey too?

As a Life Coach for perfectionist language learners, I see this as meaning:

💚 Being conscious of how to take back our power and learning in a more you-friendly & deliberate way. (This probably sounds strange, but you’d be surprised how often our brain is on default mode, running on the same unecological neural pathways we’ve had since childhood, and creating the same results year after year).

💚 Being conscious of our emotions and knowing how to make them work for us so that they drive us towards the actions we need to take rather than hold us back.

💚 Being conscious of who we’re being as a learner, and using the language as a tool to explore, discover, connect and thrive. Green warriors know that it’s «who» before «how» if you want to create fertile foundations and make effective & sustainable progress.

We can all be green warriors in our lives and learning – why not start today?


Photo courtesy of: Chris Abney, Unsplash

You can watch the short video about Padma here: – (thanks to Nati from for sourcing this video!)

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