Feeling stuck? Not sure what to do or where to start?

I'm Kelly. Let me help. With me, you get an encouraging mix of a personal coach, communication trainer, and fun, supportive friend.

And I'm on a mission to make your learning journey "greener". Because you and your English deserve an ecological approach too.

This means:

  • No grammar books or text books - my content is your life.
  • No group or "1-size fits all" learning - only completely customized 1:1 VIP sessions.
  • The encouraging support of a qualified Coach, with her own toolbox of techniques and creative activities.
  • Triple benefit - you AND your communication skills AND your business grow.


  • Greater meaning, impact, comfort, ease, fun, authenticity & simplicity, a greater you.
  • Less stress & overwhelm, less frustration, less "stuckness".

Being able to speak a language clearly, easily and impactfully is probably one of the most sought-after skills in the international business world today.

But the problem is, when we learn languages in the traditional way, let's be honest, it's pretty boring.

Endless repetition, grammar rules, role plays that have nothing to do with our own lives and interests. Standard content with a textbook to match. (yawn) It's not personal or interesting. It's all about adding "more" (more words, more homework, more lessons), when, in today's world, what we really need to focus on is "less".

We lose motivation and get stuck in a rut. And it's even worse when we're busy AND a perfectionist. We have so much mind drama, fear and anxiety.

To progress in a language, you need to feel engaged, inspired and at ease. Just like with sports, it's the game that takes place inside the mind of the player that is the most important. And speaking a language is no different: it's your inner game that counts.

That's where I come in.

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions and programs to help you connect more deeply with yourself and the language you're learning.

You feel too busy at times to improve your English because there's always something else you think you need to do

I know how it is. As a professional, you never really switch off. You’re intent on pushing forward, pleasing everyone, doing more.

Work spills over into the evenings and weekends. It’s hard to listen when you’ve got so much on your mind.

You promise yourself that things will soon be different; you'll be in control again.

You reassure yourself that the peace, clarity and ease you crave is just around the corner... but which corner?

Well, one day, it gets to a point where the constant searching, overthinking and racing gets too much.

So you finally take a step back and have a long, hard think.

Do you want to keep on running and worrying - even when you don’t know where you’re running TO anymore? Why not put yourself at the front of the line for once? Invest in you.

In 2012, I pressed "pause" on my busy international career in Monaco and decided what I wanted my life to look like.

I finally took the steps towards our family dream and moved across the country, from the French Riviera to the green mountains of the Pyrenees, ready to build an ecological house, B&B and open my own business.

Changing my routine created space for me to think, about what I really wanted out of life. I became much more curious about how we can:

  • “plug back into the mains” and use our own innernet to be more connected to ourselves and each other
  • train our brain and manage our mind to get the results we want

Having chosen to make my thinking and my life "greener", I feel that I can also support you to do the same, starting with your language learning.

Because you don't have to follow the status quo or the traditional paths and methods, you can choose to be different.

A Few Things I Know About You

  • That you can do anything you want to do. You’ve just got to get clear on what you really want and start moving towards it, one small step at a time.
  • That you want to find your flow in life and in language. To feel like you're finally swimming downstream instead of upstream.
  • That you want to make a difference in some way. I hear you.
  • And maybe, just maybe, you’ve got a dream tucked away at the back of your mind (by the way, spoiler alert, it’s that niggling feeling of dissatisfaction that refuses to go away). If so, let’s clear out the clutter and shine some light on it.

A Few Things You Might Want To Know About Me

  • I'm an ICF-Certified Neurolanguage Coach®, Certified Transformational Life Coach and TESOL-Qualified Teacher.
  • I'm originally from Liverpool, the town of the Beatles and the "Red Devils" football team, in the NW of England. Even though I now live near the Spanish border in France, I spent almost 20 years in Nice, and have also lived in Barcelona and Lisbon. I love to travel, meet new people, experience new things.
  • I'm bilingual in two languages (English & French) and can hold a good conversation in Spanish. I also understand Italian and Portuguese.
  • I go jogging early morning when the sun isn't up and I feel like the world is mine.
  • I "eat up" books about personal growth and lifestyle design for breakfast :).
  • Last but not least, I love coaching and connecting with others. I love seeing the sparkle in a client's eyes when they get an insight or achieve something they didn't think was possible, when they connect from the heart and gain confidence in their ability to express themselves. I feel privileged to have been able to help ignite that spark and make a difference.


Let’s Be Sociable

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Abraham Lincoln