Still not creating the results you want in your international calls, meetings, interviews?

Imagine one morning, you get into your car and it won’t start.

You turn the key, nothing happens, not even a splutter.

So you decide to clean your car and polish it.

Make it look perfect. Sparkling. Shiny.

You get in and try the key again.

Still nothing.

You get frustrated. After all, the car looks great. So what’s the problem?

Pretty obvious, right?

Polishing and perfecting external parts won’t fix the real issue.

Because they aren’t the root cause of the problem.

You need to open up the hood of the car and take a look at the engine.

That’s where the solution lies. 💡

MASTERING your English isn’t enough in the international business world of today.

You also need to MASTER yourself to use the skills you have when speaking it.

When you stop just focusing on the OUTside and start looking INside,

When you start spring cleaning your mind and dusting away the self-doubt,

That’s when you and your English can become one.

That’s when you become the perfect vehicle to transport your message to others.

Finding the English that fits you well is essential.

But mastering your self-doubt in challenging business situations is true power. 💪

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