The 5-Ways To Thrive Program

The aim of this program is to give you the opportunity to make your English "come alive" by immersing yourself in a topic(s) that is enjoyable and meaningful to you whilst improving your control of the five language skills - reading, writing, pronunciation, listening and speaking.

In this way, you can consolidate your English and your skills whilst gaining new perspectives about yourself, your business, challenges, interests or passions. You could say that it's a pathway to self-discovery and new knowledge.

Who this program is for

You don't get the comprehensive practice you would like in English on a daily basis and would like an opportunity to mindfully build up your confidence in several skills at the same time whilst focusing on topics that will help you thrive.

This 2-week immersion program is the perfect chance to do this. You can then take a 2-week break to consolidate on your own and then renew the program again on a different topic the following month.

What's Inside The Program


  • 5 skills, 1 meaningful topic.
  • 1 assignment every 48 hours, from Monday to Friday, for 2 weeks: reading & writing - listening & writing - reading & pronunciation - writing - speaking.
  • Feedback in writing by email within 24 hours.
  • Tips and support for achieving more fluency and flow in language and life.



  • You practice all 5 skills during the program.
  • Thanks to this practice time when you have the opportunity to use your vocabulary in a calm and unstressed manner, your confidence grows and you’ll be ready to speak up/write even more.
  • You remain accountable as you know that I’m waiting for you to send your input.
  • You do the work when you have time each day so there is less pressure.
  • The material chosen is tailored to help you thrive in your professional and personal life and make the language resonate/come alive within you.


How Does This Work

  • You receive each assignment by email every 48 hours.
  • You send each assignment back to me by email (or whatsapp if you prefer for audio recordings) within 48 hours.
  • I send you my feedback within 24 hours, highlighting what you did well, areas for improvement and my recommendations.

This program is for you if:

  • you are above intermediate-level English*;
  • you would like to practice several skills daily;
  • you would like to extend your vocabulary on specific topics;
  • you would like a structure that obliges you to practice more regularly outside sessions;
  • you are interested in self-development and exploring your own life journey;
  • you currently lack the time to attend regular 1:1 sessions.


This program isn't for you if:

  • your English is below the level mentioned above;
  • you don’t think you could find the time to do the assignments (approximately 30 minutes per day).


* you can do a short test here or longer test here to get an approximate idea of your level if you're not sure.

What to do now

  1. You sign up for the program via the sign-up button below (you send me your name, email address and name of the program you wish to register on);
  2. You make your payment via bank transfer (preferred) or paypal;
  3. You answer a few questions that I'll send you via email to ensure the assignments are tailored to you, your interests and goals;
  4. You receive your first assignment on the Monday following your sign-up;
  5. You begin the 2-week program so you can start improving all 5 skills;
  6. If you wish, you renew your program (different topic) for another 2 weeks the following month so that you can continue building on your progress.


To ensure that my clients receive the dedicated service they deserve, enrollment for this immersion program is limited to 10 members at a time.

I will advise you personally by email if the program is full so that you can be put on the waiting list.