5 Simple Ways To Calm Our Fears Before Speaking Up In A Foreign Language

Public speaking in a foreign language.

What does that evoke to you: an adrenaline rush or a battlefield?

If it’s the second option, this article is for you. Because I know the fears you’re struggling with.

In a nutshell, you’re worried about:

  • making mistakes
  • misunderstanding or being misunderstood
  • not having the words you need to express yourself
  • looking silly or feeling embarrassed in front of others
  • not being taken seriously in your work or business

The problem is that when we allow these fears to prevent us from speaking up, we create “power gaps” in our communication and our valuable thoughts, views and ideas go unheard or unsaid. We allow others to shine whilst we wither away like a forgotten flower in the background.

What if you could overcome these fears that are stopping you from communicating in public and start speaking with more ease?

Here are 5 steps to help you do that:

1/ Do a Personal Check-In With Yourself

We’ve all heard the tip about needing to put our own oxygen mask on first if we want to be able to help others. This is the same idea. We need to check in with ourselves before we speak by asking certain “clarity” questions:

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