5 Amazingly Simple Tips to Overcoming Fear and Doubt in Your Business

Note: This is an article I wrote in September 2016 as a guest post, published in the popular online lifestyle magazine “The Daily Positive”. I’ve highlighted what I think could be some useful vocabulary. I dedicate it to all you courageous entrepreneurs out there!

At times, having our own business can be compared to a bumpy ride along a rocky road, full of challenges, hopes, and fears. And even though we try to reassure ourselves with the thought that this journey is probably an essential learning curve, we can’t help wondering how much more enjoyable it would be if a more direct route was available, to prevent us from getting lost down the dead-end streets of fear and doubt.

So what do we need to do? Here are 5 Amazingly Simple Tips to help you face fear and move forward:

1. Don’t wait for perfection.

When we have an “all-or-nothing” approach to our business, we can fall into the trap of continually postponing the launch of our website, marketing material, product or service because, in our eyes, it’s never quite “good enough.” What happens then? We stay stuck in a rut when the only thing we need to be doing is getting out there and sharing it with the people who could benefit the most.

Action Step 1: Ask yourself…

  • What is the cost of not moving forward yet?
  • Is my continued impression of  “not good enough yet” just a smokescreen for procrastination?
    • Am I too scared of failure/people’s reactions/putting myself out there?
      • (In this case, ask yourself the questions in Tip 2).
  • What outcome do I want to achieve with my product/service, and what is my potential to do this now?
    • Is it good enough for the moment?


2. Quit worrying about what others will think. 

All too often, we stunt our progress by our fears of failure, “what ifs,” and limiting beliefs. We need to get past these barriers to step up and meet the opportunities that await us.

Action Step 2: Ask yourself…

  • What am I afraid of exactly?
  • What is the worst case scenario, and can I handle it? 
    • When we break down our fears, get specific, and look them straight in the eye, they often become less scary, and we can start taking steps to overcome them.


3. Use your own measuring stick for success. 

When we spend too much time analyzing the market, role models, and competitors, we tend to reach “information overload,” and we’re plagued by thoughts like the following: “I’m not good enough” or “What have I got to offer that’s different?”

When this happens, we need to get back in our lane and start using our own measuring stick–the one that suits us and applies to our desires and goals.

Action Step 3: Remember…

  • We’re all unique, and we’ve all got something special to share. By following our intuition and listening to that quiet voice inside, we can find our path. We might think that everything has already been said and done, but our experience and wisdom will always be valuable.


4. Forget the competition.

Similar to the above, when we’re doing what we love, when we’ve found our passion, there is no competition! Our authenticity and sparkle will shine through, and we will become a magnet for our clients (provided that we don’t get stuck like in Tip 1)!

Action Step 4: Realize…

  • There is room for everyone to do well in this world. No one is taking our chance of success or abundance away; there’s enough for us all. In fact, the happier you are for someone else’s success, the more you will promote your own.


5. Don’t get lost in the forest.

When we have our own business, we often feel totally overwhelmed by what we think we should be doing for success: website, blog, programs, courses, packages, SEO, networking, and more! We try to dabble here, there, and everywhere in a desperate attempt to feel like we’re making progress. But the truth is that we’re running around like headless chickens scattering corn. We need to remember the “big picture” and our “why!”

Action Step 5: Ask yourself…

  • What are five things I could do this week that will bring me closer to my goals?
    • Ensure that this list is in full view when you are working so that you can knuckle down and know exactly what you need to do each day instead of getting lost amidst your emails, Facebook, and other time-consuming, less valuable activities.

If all else fails and you still feel compelled to meet a benchmark based on what others have achieved, ask yourself this one simple question: What do I want?

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer immediately. Be patient. Wait a few days. The answer might come to you as an inkling or a gut feeling. Leave space for the answer to come by meditating or taking time out for some silent relaxation or doing something you enjoy.

And last but not least, remember that if we never raise the anchor, we can’t set sail and enjoy the cruise!


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