The Key To Moving From The Slopes To The Spotlight

Did you know that skiing and speaking up in a foreign language have quite a few things in common? (Handy tip #1: Just for the record here, I’m not suggesting that you do these two activities at the same time. For any of you who have already stood up to speak in public whilst wearing […]

Which Unspoken Rules Are Creating Your Results?

You may be tired of hearing about “rules” if you’re trying to master a language or move forward with your business or career. In language learning, we have grammar rules and pronunciation rules, rules for formal and informal language, rules for intonation… In business, we have accounting rules, insurance rules, legal rules, corporate rules… But […]

The One Thing That Could Be Stopping Your Progress

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be taking two steps forward and one step back in your language learning? The answer could lie with your values. Values are the compass that guide and shape our lives as Tony Robbins poetically says in his popular book “Awaken The Giant Within”. Why? Because they enable […]

Is “Good Girl” Syndrome Stopping Your Success?

“Be a good girl and….”. Remember those words from your childhood? Remember how you did everything in your power to be that good girl? Like Collecting words of praise and gold stars Doing what you were told Getting straight A’s Not making mistakes You got your head down. Gave the right answers. Coloured between the […]